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“Not Enough You” EP by John Jurney $4.99

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Includes the following tracks:

Love Don’t Like You

Everyday Angels

Not Enough You


So Yours

Now impacting charts, John Jurney’s latest single “Not Enough You”.

Written and composed by John Jurney on Most Likely Music

Promoted by Loggins Promotions “Heatin up the airwaves”

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The hit single written and composed by John Jurney from Most Likely Music.

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Loggins Promotions

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“Everyday Angels are those people who step up when others are in danger or need. They quietly come forward, often risking their own lives, to help a stranger. When there’s a fire or a flood they appear. The nurse who fights to save a patient with a highly contagious disease. First responders. Those who serve. The passer-by who lays on the ice to rescue an animal that’s fallen through, the policeman who reaches into a burning car to pull someone from the fire. They restore our faith in humanity when we are sometimes divided. There’s a higher calling in all of us and some are called to rise up to it. When they do, I think we all walk a little taller because of their courage.” – John Jurney    

National Radio Hit song promoted by Loggins Promotions – “Heatin’ up the airwaves…worldwide”

Just Doin Stuff
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John Jurney’s “Love Don’t Like You” is a cross genre hit on national terrestrial and digital radio. It spent 8 months in the charts and reached number 1 in the Western Area Country charts.


National Radio Hit song promoted by Loggins Promotions – “Heatin’ up the airwaves…worldwide”